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We’ve heard from a number of edtech leaders like yourself who are preparing to or are currently underway distance learning implementation in their school systems and are encountering a number of new obstacles. Beyond ensuring positive learning outcomes, edtech leaders are having to secure networks against cyber intrusions, protect student data privacy, and manage aging infrastructures, to name a few. New restrictions around COVID-19 are forcing the entire edtech community to find innovative approaches to assist all stakeholders, which is why CoSN reached out to its corporate partners to provide a resource guide to school systems identifying tools and resources available.

Below is an alphabetical list of companies who are actively working to respond and assist school systems during this public health crisis. This resource guide is meant to serve as tool for you and your team to either discover new products and/or services or learn how you can optimize your school system’s existing resources.

To see an alphabetized list of products/services by company, click below.

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