Privacy Considerations Checklist

Assess the Privacy
oIs use of the product in the classroom permissible under the operator’s existing terms of service and privacy policy?
oWhat data will be shared with the technology provider? Have you verified that student personal information collected will only be used to support your educational purposes? When will it be deleted?
oIf student data – including student images and voices – will be captured, have you identified all of the applicable student data privacy laws to consider?
oHow will you use the product in compliance with your FERPA, CIPA and state student data privacy law obligations?
oAre you able to configure the product in a way that does not require students to create accounts?
oIf the product will be used in classrooms where children are under the age of 13, how will the operator manage its COPPA obligations?
oIs the benefit to students outweighed by any questions about data protection?
Determine the Implementation Plan
oDo you have the bandwidth and capabilities to properly manage the implementation, with appropriate considerations for protection of student data?
oWill you permit recording of video conferences? If so, for what purpose(s)?
How will you ensure that the recordings are secure in transit from the educator’s computer to storage?
Where will the recordings be stored? How will they be secured, how long will they be retained, and who will have access to them?
oAre you familiar with all the privacy and security controls available through the platform and have you determined your default configurations?
Provide Guidance to Educators
oHave you provided guidance to educators who will be using the technology, including requirements that prohibit screen capture or sharing of images, videos, audio files or other identifiable information from or about students on social media?
oHave you provided educators with tip sheets for keeping their accounts secure?
oHave teachers been provided with written guidance on how to maintain the default privacy and security settings (or to use them if they can’t be configured at the enterprise level)?
oDo teachers know what to do if they see something concerning in a home environment?
oDo you have alternate arrangements for students without webcams, internet bandwidth, other hurdles or if their parents simply prefer that they don’t participate?
Build Transparency and Trust with Parents
oHave you provided information to parents about why you’re using the technology and how you’re protecting student data privacy?
oHave you provided parents with a schedule for video conferencing and any ability to opt their child out of participation?

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